Notes on the Upcoming Insurrection from the Inside of a 4 x 2 foot closet

by derek millner

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After conspiring with a friend of mine about how the anarchist in me feels really claustraphobic and constrained: I can't find the time or the place to act. Instead, I do what I'm good at. I feed people, I make friends, I play loud and sing louder. These anarchist death rallies remind me that every day might be my last day so why not try and show everyone the beauty of autonomy, community, of love.

Album artwork was done by Kathleen Adams


released November 28, 2014

Eddie Beck - Inspiration for the concept album idea
Tristan Kuszmaul - For being so giving and kind for no real reason other than that we're pretty good friends... and also for giving me rides to and from Paso Robles to see my girlfriend daily
Uriah Ferreirra - One of my closest friends with whom I have never argued so much with... we all have our faults
Haley Pinney - For not being a complete asshole when everyone was being a complete asshole
Ricki Sheirs - For showing me that most people on this planet aren't real and can't even conceive of what they're taking advantage of. Only a thing like death can truly open everyone's eyes, it's keeping them open that's always the hard part.

My roommates - For allowing me to record in the unused closet while they were at home waiting for me to bake a cake.



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