My Thai EP

by derek millner

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Honestly, I feel my music writing ability has matured a lot within the last year. More so than it has in the last 20 years of my being alive. This album has a lot more political songs that I actually like ("Gentrify My Heart," "The Last Palistinians Alive," "We Are The Dirt") so that makes me happy, but I also couldn't help but write some 'fallen out of love' songs ("I Ain't The One, Babe," "The Stranger") because they're interesting and a lot of fun to mess around with. There's a philosophical song ("The Stranger") that I wrote after reading "An Essay on Liberation' and some pages on beauty and truth, the problems with the status quo and love. And of course, The Mountain Goats is my biggest influence.

Album art is a temporary placeholder, but it was taken by Haley Pinney.

Recorded by Martyn Provensen before my 'going to Thailand' party.

This is dedicated to David Bowie.


released January 11, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Stranger
Mighty Medusa, petrifies me, terrifies me
Immobilize aggression with your beauty deep within
Market chains of exploitation, isolate us. Vindicate us,
free me from my own cold blooded sins

Am I stupid, young and crazy, backstabbed from the start
Loyalty's been branded in my blood
I'm just outside the camera lens, waiting for the chance
To fix up our wretched, broken love

You were so strange then
You're a stranger now!

I was the devil and you were mighty Lucifer
Isn't it strange how our lives changed in an instant
Love is the opium, everything falls out as we both call out
Lost in the pleasure of distraction

Am I stupid, young and crazy, it's ending in failure, revolt
If I'm so lucky I hope that I just die alone
Everything's given once and for all, no history to blame
The cylinder rolls but it's always been set in stone

You were so strange then
You're a stranger now!
Track Name: We Are The Dirt
I have a friend he's always banging his head
Up against the wall
Till the blood and the sweat come pouring out, crimson red
Just like his love
For all the proletariats

His pain is all self inflicted, it's only a symptom
Of solidarity
A martyr for martyrs, the salt of the earth
"if the rich are the worms, then we are the dirt"
surrounding, multiplying every day

where has our hope
it's just like the rain
washing in every couple of weeks
I'm dreaming of storms,
of the next long goodbye,
to the trash and the scum.
For all the conflicts we've won
For the next shopping spree
For every dirty impulse left in me
Track Name: I Ain't The One, Babe
I've been smoking menthol cigarettes
Drag em right down to my fingertips
I can almost taste your skin upon my lips
I wanna drive on towards the setting sun
No matter what state I'm in
And I still won't feel like I belong

Your love's a mortgage bill that won't get paid
The wrong house in a police raid
I am so afraid of you

With my shades down low, I escape the light
The darkness reminds me of your eyes
They're absent, as deep and black as mine
You're the only one that I'll let swim inside me
The only working light post on my empty street
My internal combustion, my soft machine

Your love's a mortgage bill that won't get paid
The wrong house in a police raid
I am so afraid of you

Don't go trading love for your desire
Don't get reeled in by a lost transfusion
I am not the one
Track Name: The Last Palistinians Alive
I ain't never had nothing on my mind, no how
She's been howling out at me all night, in town, in town
When the bombs get dropped to kill my friends
I'll be riding high with you until the end
All my brown skin boys rejoice when we reach our deaths

I'm smiling as the flames rip open our empty skies
No longer will the glassy haze cover my eyes, my eyes
As the spectacle of our last few days
Ends in a heavy mist of shrapnel blades
Hold my hand as the last Palistinians alive

No more Darkness, no more sun
No more anger, no more love
No sadness to fill the void
End tonight with this last Palistinian boy
Track Name: Gentrify My Heart
Gentrify my heart, Rip out these dreams
Replace em up with everything you think you need
Give me compassion, no more depression
Trick the whole wide world to think there's something good inside of me

Displace the locals, criminalize the poor
If you can't afford a house don't even try to stay here no more
These unfounded feelings that I can't explain
They're huddled in an empty house with a length of wood across the window pane

Evict everything that keeps me humble
Throw em right out into the street
I'm sure you'll see the value
Of the better person that's in me