A Capitalist Love Affair

by derek millner

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This album is a concept based on a man who falls in and out of love with women and capitalism and sex and the society he was raised in. In an attempt to find solace, he finds drugs and alcohol and an ex who pushes him away even farther into himself. The love drains and the passion is lost, but the songs still find life in the stories he tells himself, the parables that relate to everyone on this planet. The experiences live on in each song and the pain transcends into pleasure as he finds a new reason to leave his desolate town based on superficiality and wealth. Every day is struggle, but the struggle keeps us united and compassionate.


released September 21, 2016

Haley Pinney - Design for the album / back up vocals
Katia Innes - Back up vocals
Eric Miller - maestro, songwriter



all rights reserved
Track Name: Indiana
Well I'm a long way from home and I buried my heart in Indiana
I spend all my time getting you off my mind in California
And these open roads will free me from my cage

You always look so beautiful when you are sitting there alone
Encased inside of my love along with everything that I own
And the moonlight shines the pain upon my face
Like a little baby born beside a grave

I've been wandering for just a few hours now
I've been wondering if it was all for not
I'm terrified the love we had will wash into the street
I'm so damn scared you'll find someone new to listen while you sleep

But it's ok
Because I will do the same
Track Name: No Bartender
No Bartender, I won't go home,
Nor will I stay here

I hide behind a smile cuz I'm still lost and
I must be going somewhere

But my place won't be there with you
We've given up all we can do
I don't feel like crying, I'd much rather be driving
Escaping the thoughts and the bruise

Oh my darling, don't rip my heart out
There's only enough for you

I can't help thinking that my heart is sinking
I tell you there's only enough for you

But my place won't be there with you
We've given up all we can do
I don't feel like crying, I'd much rather be driving
Escaping the thoughts and the bruise
Escaping these thoughts over you
Escaping these thoughts I've been having of you
Track Name: Burn It Down
Free this mortal soul
Set fire to my home
Let the flames reach high right over the mountain
I'm gone
Oh, I'm gone

Save these lost poor souls
With garbage stuffed in our holes
We'll all soon ignite creating a new life
Of gold
Oh, of gold

Well these hard men are fighting a natural sighting and the smoke is climbing high
I'm laughing and cheering a whole 'nother cleaing
Kiss all of these products of gentrification goodbye
Oh goodbye

We'll all return to ash
As it reaches that last mound of cash
I'm burning with love as it burns traces of
Our past
Oh, our past

I don't want to see you again
Track Name: Proletariat Blues
I'm sweating buckets in this field at 3.50 an hour
I wasted my life here, oh, can't you taste my labor
What did you expect
What the fuck did you expect
What did you expect
To keep me in check

And I'll piss my whole life away
Just so you can feel free
You don't ever have to hear my voice

I'm working 8 days of the week and Sunday ain't my time to rest
I've got no dividends, no savings, man, I can't even invest
What did you expect
You got to pay to live round here
What did you expect
It's the white man you gotta fear

And I'll piss my whole life away
Just so you can feel free
You don't ever have to hear my voice again
Track Name: It's A Shame
It's a shame what they take from you
Exhausted and empty, you just do what you do
You're put in your place like a library book
It's a shame what they take from you

It's a crime what they loved you for
Laughing and pointing while you slept on the floor
A smile on that soft face as you did as you were told
It's a crime what they loved you for

Now you're living like a slave
Waiting for that gracious gift from god to come and save
It only took 19 years to realize
That gift just never came

The pay is just enough
It's covering your rent for that apartment up above
It's draining you of blood while you're pushing through the mud
The pay is just enough
Track Name: Vengeance
There's a vengeance in my heart
And it bleeds to bring you down
We've been driving through the dark
Heavy hearts don't make a sound
I can't care for much at all
There ain't no love around here

Well this whole damn town's ablaze
And their money is the fuel
When the body starts to ache
A soul can get so cruel
If you've been left alone
It's always right to act a fool

Lay your head down on the ground
Find some peace of mind before we all wind up in hell
Track Name: Wash Away
look out honey what's the use of it all
We've been lining ourselves up just to fall
Step out from that ledge I wanna get inside your head and feel those thoughts like blood inside my veins

There's a big black mass of cancer building up inside my heart
I hear it wait until the beat breaks when the pain begins to carve
another spot I've opened up won't you take a look around
Oh I've found just want you want

You want a home just to say goodbye
You want a grave so you can bury me alive
You want a heart that won't stop beating even after my demise
Well, I'm your guy

I fell the bugs crawl across the scars on my arms from seeing you
They trace the paths worn withered down by alcohol and truth
Take me away throttling engine from this place
Take me away from your face

Oh I hope I'm just enough for me
Oh I hope I'm just enough to set you free
I'll let the surging sea of unmarked hurtful jealousy
Wash Away what I believe
Track Name: Unemployed
I know that I don't matter
I feel you matter more
I sill want to see you
My arms are feeling sore
I need a bed to lay on,
You don't need to sleep by me
Just stay awake in the corner
And watch me as I breathe

Because my dreams are short they're hardly dreams,
Just a glimpse of what I want
No I don't want no pain,
Just a companion
A hard place for my rock
Won't you be my hard place for the night

The darkened flames are closing in
And my value withers away
I can't work forty hours before my back begins to ache
I don't believe in the future
It's all about the here and now
Whether that means revolution
Or feeling ok in this town

I don't care about my wage
It's the people that I love
I wanna see everyone alive
Without the bullshit or the mundane
Why should I give a fuck
To line the pockets of another boss
But in my love I still feel unemployed
Track Name: You, Me and the sadness Makes Three
Stare up at the ceiling fan
Hope that everyone you know will never see you again
You've got an uptown body
But a small town
And your lovers got the words that can tear you apart

Well I buried my friends with my sins
Waking up in the morning feeling guilty again
These breaths that I take can only keep me alive
But no matter how deep they can't force me to try

I will never feel happy again
No matter how much I try I can't remember when
This load had been lifted
To set my body free
But for now, it's just you and me
And with my sadness that all makes it three